Mentor Match

Mentor Match

Getting Started with Mentor Match

Mentor Match can serve as a career development tool and can help you find and connect with a mentor or mentee. Get started by following the instructions below.


Complete and update your Huddle profile. Make sure all of your contact information is current, add a biography, and be sure to add a profile photo. A complete and accurate profile is critical to the mentor/mentee match process.

2. ENROLL as a mentor or mentee

Members can enroll as a mentor, mentee or both. Remember, you must be enrolled in the program in order to request a mentor or a mentee.

  •   Enroll as a Mentor
  •   Enroll as a Mentee

3. SEARCH the mentor match directory

Search the Huddle Mentor Match Directory to find your ideal mentor or mentee. Use the filter to narrow your search. Its' up to you to find a mentor or mentee! 

4. send a mentoring request

Choose your desired connection from your search results. You will be directed to their profile page where you can select “Send a Mentor Request" or "Send a Mentee Request” at the bottom of their profile page.  If you decide that you would like to change your mind, select the back button to return to your search results. 

Need additional help? Contact the Huddle team for assistance.

*Please note that AAPA does not vet or vouch for mentors listed in Mentor Match.