Mentor Match

Expectations for mentors and mentees

Participants in Mentor Match should meet these characteristics and expectations.


Characteristics of an ideal mentor:

  • Have experience or success in selected mentoring topic area
  • Willing to share their time and experience with mentee
  • Good at prioritization and time management
  • Passionate about the PA profession and helping fellow PAs succeed

 The mentor will:

  • Be responsive
  • Fulfill commitments to mentee
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Take on only as many mentees as he/she can handle
  • Give referrals if extra help is necessary


Characteristics of an ideal mentee:

  • Eager for support and to develop a new relationship
  • Specific about what he/she would like to learn
  • Open to constructive feedback

The mentee will:

  • Lead the relationship with mentor
  • Take initiative and communicate with mentor to determine schedule
  • Come prepared to meetings

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